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Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1986. Lived in Riyadh till I was five and then I was whisked way to America for 8 years and then came back to Saudi Arabia where I became the culturally confused person I am now. I represent the spirt of the classic arab nomad in not having a place to call home its very romantic and its compounded by the fact that I have ADHD. I love books especially ones on history so that makes me a super uber nerd but I will try to keep down as I write this blog in association with ADHD support Group in Saudi Arabia. I just wrote that down so you won't think I am just a random ADHD blog. I have the stamp of approval from a official ADHD source. So anyway sit back, relax and read my long posts or join in to write your own, your choice.

ADHD Comedy

Hello and Ramadan Kareem .  I hope everyone is doing good.  Fasting for procrastinators and ADHERS is really hard especially for those who need medication.…