An ADHDer’s School Life

Hello again guys and welcome to a very special article. I was working for months with Ilham Elhattan, an amazing artist, on the artwork for this article. Ideally the article should been published on Eid but I figured most of you guys would too busy check it out and then unfortunately, I had a lot to do, so here it is today. The article will focus on something identifiable for all people who had to go through school especially ADHDers so I hope you guys enjoy.

I remember most of my school days were paying attention to flashes of ideas rather then a lecture on chemistry. Most my teachers said that day dreaming was not constructive to my time but to my kid self I felt it was very constructive in helping me not sink into total boredom! The mind of an ADHDer takes all these different ideas, some about food, others about a story they cooked up(which I did a lot), another about their favorite TV show and these ideas are brewed in their mind. It’s like a witch’s cauldron except that without proper direction nothing magical is conjured up for the world to see. To the right of the ADHDer is always the reliable, yet unoriginal, Smartie. There are a few inventive smarties, most them just operate by regurgitating one single idea. Consistency and conformity is their motto. It’s by giving the teacher the answer they want that ensures they always succeed while the ADHDer is cast aside.

If people actually peer into the mind of an individual with ADHD, this is what they would see. Multiple voices talking in different volumes overlapping each other and yet no  discernible pattern is present, so it this ends up resembling TV static.

An ADHDer wears a crown of inspiration from multiple ideas that puts them above a conventional smartie and to become movers of change in society like Einstein, Disney and Da Vinci.  Each ADHDer has potential to reach this state if they get the support and guidance they need. By looking at all these stages individually you will be appreciate the beauty of the painting fully.

These are original paintings by Ilham Elhattan and hopefully we will able to show future paintings illustrating the lives of ADHDers. Hoped you enjoyed reading it and hope to get pictures of the ADHD festival for you guys by this weekend.

Born and raised in the US, Ilham moved back to her home town of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in the late 90’s, where she finished her basic schooling and majored in Accounting.

Today, Ilham is a professional artist. She does paintings for global companies and rising local ones as well as for individuals. Her website is