Medication Availability FAQ

Which Medications are Available?

Currently, the only ADHD medications available in Saudi Arabia are Concerta, Ritalin (short acting), and Strattera.

Which pharmacies stock these medications?

RiyadhAl Hozaimi PharmacyOmar Bin Abdul Aziz Street – Al Malaz+966-11-4764615
RiyadhZawyet El Naqaa PharmacyOmar Bin Abdul Aziz Street – Al Malaz +966-11-4788880
RiyadhSehet Zainah PharmacyAl Orouba Street – Al Wurud+966-11-4199022
RiyadhAl Hayah PharmacyAl Wazeer Street +966-11-2863719
RiyadhRokn Zahret Al Rawdah Pharmacy (Motmaena Center)North Ring Road – Between exit 6 & 7+966-11-4927999
JeddahDr Erfan & Bagedo Hospital – PharmacyKing Fahad Road – Al Sitteen+966-12-6038888
JeddahSoliman Fakeeh Hospital – PharmacyFalastin Street – Al Hamraa+966-12-6655000
JeddahInternational Medical CentreHail Street+966-12-6509000
AlkhobarAl Ghadeer Pharmacy10th Street – Al Thuqbah+966-13-8945718
AlkhobarSaad Specialist Hospital – PharmacyPrince Faisal Bin Fahad Road+966-13-8826666
DhahranJohns Hopkins Aramco HealthcareMedical Access Road No. 1+966‑800‑3054444

Can I fill my prescription from another country in Saudi Arabia?

Any controlled medication, including those for ADHD, can only be filled with a local prescription. If you are moving to Saudi Arabia, you may consider bringing a medical report with you so you can open a file at a local hospital.


Can I bring prescription medication into Saudi Arabia?

Here are the official guidelines for bringing prescription drugs into KSA (archived link)PDF version.
Alternative advisory from Philippines embassy.
Personal use medication form from Saudi Food and Drug Authority.


What about other stimulant medications?

As of yet, only the methylphenidate class of ADHD stimulant medications is available in Saudi Arabia. Amphetamine based stimulant medications have not been approved by the SFDA. However, it is essential that at least one of each class of medication become available in the future.


What about X medication?

You can find a complete list of approved medications in Saudi Arabia on the Saudi FDA website [Note: I’ve found that you actually have to click on the “Search” button – hitting enter on the keyboard after filling the search form will give no results.].