An ADHD Moment: A Lost Wallet

Hello again and welcome to a new series of articles that will chronicle the embrassing and sometimes inspiring tribulations of my ADHD life. I sometimes believe that those who have ADHD are like ascetics in that they are divorced themselves from the real world. When we are focused on a object or thoughts we tend to ignore what happens around us. Our reliance is on our automatic reflexes to deal with everything happening in reality while we day dream of something infinitely more interesting.  I had experience that happened to me years ago the dangers of this when I had to get my National ID  card for the first time at the age of 16.

 Now I am sure everyone remembers the dull bureaucratic process to get one of these cards but its even worse when you have to wear a cumbersome headress(Ghutrah) while trying to look prim and proper which is impossible for me! So in getting through the boredom of waiting in line I fell into lala land where I could construct the ideas for my latest story. When came to my turn I snapped back played a weak charade of being a citizen with national dignity and got my ID card. I wasted no time in getting went home and start really important work writing my story. When I got to the point where my hero is at the point of fighting a large robot I realized that my wallet was missing.

 I first checked the living room, my room, the car, my parents room, my sister room and the garden. At this point I was in extreme panic and started to checked everywhere even went back to the Ministry where I got my national ID to check where it was. You see if you lose this National ID which was within my wallet you have to pay a fine of 10,000 Riyals($2500 dollars).

After three weeks of looking and giving up a miracle happened. Iwas sleeping on my bed  until I rolled off after a vivid dream. Picking myself up painfully from ground I saw my wallet under the bed. 

This experience taught me to better keep track of my stuff and my absentmindedness   although I would be lying if this didn’t happen again to several objects later although never a severe situation such as this.  In the future I will try to put more crazy moments like this but I would love hear of any of you out there with ADHD had moments like this.