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So What Causes ADHD?

I presume that you all know the blog mission is to spread awareness of ADHD in the Middle East and other parts of the world. Not say we can’t have a bit of fun with the choices of articles from time to time. But today I need to discuss the serious issue facing  awareness of ADHD which is misconceptions of its causes. The danger of these misconceptions is that it leads to support being witheld from people with ADHD because of the scorn of the public. The public accepts these misconceptions and began to treat ADHD as not a serious problem contrary to the scientific evidence.

Two weeks ago I was watching  in anticipation for a program on ADHD from famous broadcasting network in the Middle East . I thought this was a chance for ADHD to come into spotlight because with all the efforts of the ADHD Support Group in Saudi Arabia it still needs the acceptance of society and this recognition can be achieved by just one effective TV spot. Unforunately in this case ignorance is bliss when comes to shoddy programing. The TV program discussed a lady with ADHD who had symptoms of hyperactivity and inattention supposedly due to a intake of sugar from junk food.  So when she stopped eating junk food the ADHD  vanished. It was like miracle except it didn’t disappear. Lack of research and incentive to boost rating leds to terrible reporting that not even Fox news programs would stoop too. A bunch of monkeys on  type writers could have wrote a better program.

Its detrimental to say ADHD is caused solely by junk food not only because its untrue but it also labels ADHD as more of a disease or a imbalance in chemicals then a disorder.  Yes junk food, pesticides, and even video games can exacebrate the symptoms of ADHD but they aren’t the causes. There is no scientific evidence to back it and as I mentioned in a previous post, cases of ADHD in children have appeared as early as the 20th century before the widespread use of manufactured pesticide,a junk food industry or the creation of video games.  ADHD is actually caused by various enviromental and genetic factors.

ADHD is largely hereditiary.  80% of the cases of ADHD show that the child inherited the disorder from their parents.  If its not genetic then enviromental factors can cause ADHD such as exposure to alchol and tobbacco in pregnancy,  premature delivery and high led levels. These factors cause lower neurotransmitter activity in the prefrontal area of the brain. Thats leds to symptoms of ADHD.

Its surprisingly how many people don’t know these facts. I think its largely due to laziness of public when it comes to exposure of news on  science and medicine . A medical professional or correspondent could say anything  on TV without any backlash from viewers if they have a field data in hand. Its up to us to be aware of information we process and if we are just filled with notions and half truths to plead ignorance. Although its easier said then done in age where any schmoe can put a video on youtube and rant. So if any of you guys have a problem with information given in this post just comment on it because science is actually my weak link I am still learning and would apperciate your input.

 My point is that people should treat ADHD individuals as normal individuals who have a different way of life as opposed to being afflicted by terrible disease. The enviromental factors and genetic factors may led society to believe that the  ADHD person is suffering a disease but the symptoms of ADHD appear in all individuals just not at high rates.  Next time I will be discussing the controversial issue of medication see you then.