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Case Registration Process

Registration Steps

Below are the steps for registering an ADHD case with the Saudi ADHD Society in order to receive support in diagnosis and treatment:

1. Provide a copy of medical history

including any reports specifically mentioning hyperactivity and/or inattention

2. Case registration

Completing the case report and required documentation

3. Meet the Society’s medical consultant

To ensure conformance with conditions

4. Home visit by social worker

(low SES families only)

5- Referral to Specialized Health Centers to receive treatment

Financially capable families will be referred to specialized centers with a discount, while treatment costs of cases from low SES families will be covered fully by the Saudi ADHD Society.

Want to register?

If you or your child have ADHD and you would like to receive support from the Saudi ADHD Society to receive treatment at one of our collaborating health centers, please contact the social work department at the Saudi ADHD Society on 920009973 extension 120.

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