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Saudi ADHD Society

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Knowledge is the beginning of the solution


Your energy never ends, your thoughts never stop.


Ibraheem has a problem, and needs a solution

Because knowledge is the beginning of the solution, be more conscious and aware of the symptoms of ADHD.


Knowledge is the beginning of the solution

In this film, you see the story of a scene repeated in many homes.

Some of our services

For Educators

Educator Training Program

Tailor-made workshops for educators introducing basic concepts of the disorder, with appropriate teaching methods and techniques for supporting students with ADHD.

For Parents


Provides psychological support and assistance to families affected by ADHD, under expert supervision, promoting the exchange of experiences between families, and strengthening relationships between parents and children.

برنامج رزين
For Young People


Develops youths’ personal and organizational skills to help them to overcome the psychosocial challenges associated with ADHD.

For Young People


Individual counseling sessions for young people diagnosed with ADHD, support groups conducted under expert supervision, as well as peer support groups, enabling young people to share ways of living and a sense of belonging to the community.

Case Registration Procedure

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Our team is at your service from Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 3 pm.

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Educators’ Portal
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