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The Symptoms of Attention Deficit:

  • Having difficulty concentrating and accomplishing set tasks.
  • Seeming to not listen when called.
  • Being angered easily.
  • Being forgetful, especially surrounding daily life.
  • Acting as if in another world. E.g.: Not knowing where his classmate stopped when asked to read in class.
  • Having problems following instructions and performing the duties required.
  • Not being able to complete the work required, as a result of moving from one activity to another without completing the previous activity.
  • Having difficulty planning and organizing the steps necessary to complete required tasks, and following the necessary steps to do so.
  • Forgetting what is said to him/her shortly after it has been said.
  • Getting bored easily of games that require mental focus, inclining towards games that do not require concentration.

The Symptoms of Hyperactivity:

  • Fidgeting constantly with hands or legs, or other things nearby.
  • Findingit difficult to participate or play with friends quietly.
  • Jumping and climbing in inappropriate places.
  • Showing a high degree of inappropriate movements (e.g. snapping fingers).
  • Finding it difficult to sit in one place for a long time.
  • Fidgeting and squirming while sitting in classroom seat, may repeatedly leave seat without permission.
  • Continually talking to peers in the classroom, even when admonished by teacher.
  • The mother may describe the child as having been very active during pregnancy.
  • Finding it difficult to remain stationary.
  • Being described as a troublemaker by other parents because of shenanigans when invited to friends’ houses.

The Symptoms of Impulsivity:

  • Having difficulty waiting for turn in queues.
  • Answering questions without thinking.
  • Having difficulty waiting to start after having decided to do something.
  • Having a hard time raising hands and waiting for the teacher to call on him/her
  • Not thinking about the consequences of actions before doing them.
  • Engaging in potentially dangerous physical activity without taking appropriate precautions.
  • Blurting things out without being able to wait until a more appropriate time to say things.
  • Not being able to wait until he/she is called on by the teacher, and blurting out what he/she wanted to say instead.

Other symptoms

  • Being chaotic and having a lack of order
  • Having weak social relationships with brothers, friends, relatives, etc.
  • Having weak self-confidence
  • Possessing a love for excitement.
  • Being very insistent and urgent, not having patience.
  • Not caring about outward appearance.


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