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Looking for ADHD Awareness Resources in Arabic?

Last month I was contacted by a doctor in Australia looking for some patient education materials to help an Arabic-speaking family understand their child’s ADHD diagnosis and treatment. I put together this list of translated titles of some of the videos on our YouTube channel, and I thought I’d share them here in case anyone else would find these useful.

I’ve divided the list into two parts: Firstly, short videos (a couple of minutes each) on a variety of ADHD-related topics, followed by longer videos (an hour or more, mostly recorded webinars). These videos are all presented by consultants and professors of psychiatry, psychology, and special education.

Short videos:

  1. Do ADHD symptoms change over time?
  2. How can I control my inattention?
  3. How can I overcome my anxiety?
  4. Do students with ADHD have a Learning Disorder?
  5. Do children with ADHD require Special Education?
  6. What is the importance of early intervention? and
  7. Is it possible to diagnose ADHD in preschoolers? and
  8. How does ADHD affect self-confidence?
  9. What advice do you have for parents of a child with ADHD?
  10. Are children with ADHD more susceptible to any form of abuse?
  11. What behavioural signs are apparent in a child with ADHD?
  12. What are the symptoms of ADHD?
  13. I’m a high school student and I feel like I have problems with attention and impulsivity – what should I do?
  14. What tools are used in the diagnosis of ADHD?
  15. What problems accompany ADHD in children?
  16. What problems accompany ADHD in adults?
  17. What’s the role of a clinical psychologist in managing ADHD?
  18. The importance of encouragement and using positive reinforcement
  19. Taking individual differences into consideration and not comparing between our children
  20. Are there any challenges faced by children with ADHD when studying online?
  21. As a parent, how can I help my child with ADHD?
  22. Teaching our children self-reliance when they are studying online (a message to students)
  23. Teaching our children self-reliance when they are studying online (a message to parents) and
  24. Teaching our children self-reliance when they are studying online (a message to mothers)
  25. Teaching our children self-reliance when they are studying online (a message to teachers)
  26. How is ADHD treated?
  27. When should medication for ADHD be started?
  28. What is the appropriate age for children to be prescribed medication for ADHD?
  29. Can I stop taking ADHD medication or not?
  30. Do ADHD medications lead to addiction?  and
  31. Is it best to stop taking ADHD medication when there are side-effects?
  32. Do antidepressants cause addiction?
  33. Is there any scientific basis for specific diets for ADHD?
  34. Can I make do with behaviour modification sessions without medication for ADHD?
  35. Can ADHD be treated with alternative medicine?
  36. What are the side-effects of ADHD medication and how can they be overcome?
  37. Is it recommended to use Risperidone for some people with ADHD?

Long videos (recorded webinars)

  1. How does attention work?
  2. What is ADHD and how can I manage it?
  3. ADHD comorbidities
  4. Dealing with teenagers… challenges and solutions
  5. The importance of love in parenting
  6. Dealing with a child who can’t sleep
  7. All about ADHD diagnosis and treatment
  8. How can I deal with the challenges of psychotropic medications?
  9. Traditional Islamic treatment (“Ruqqyah”) or medication, which should I choose?
  10. ADHD medication and fasting
  11. Answering your questions about ADHD medication
  12. Reflections on ADHD medication