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Tips to help improve the learning environment of the class

  • Have the student sit close to the teacher.
  • Surround the ADHD student with good students to serve as positive role models.
  • Put extra materials away to minimize distractions.
  • Enhance listening skills by maintaining good eye contact before giving instructions, placing a hand on the student’s shoulder, and making instructions clear and concise.
  • Establish very specific rules such as “Stay in your seat” and “Do not talk” as opposed to “Be good.”
  • Repond immediately when disruptive behavior occurs.
  • Establish incentive program based on points or tokens to help in classroom management.
  • Help them develop self-esteem by smiling, saying pleasant words of praise or recognition, hugging, or giving the student a note of approval.
  • Establish realistic and achievable goals
  • Develop a good relationship with parents.‪