Workshop Set to Increase Awareness About ADHD

21 February 2008

The Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Group at Riyadh’s King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (KFSHRC) will run its first awareness workshop for this year starting today.

“(The workshop) will be beneficial, considering that it covers the latest methods in treatment,” said Dr. Suad Al-Yamani, consultant in pediatric neurology.

The workshop aims to provide parents of children suffering from the disorder with strategies for dealing with the problem. Dr. Khalid Bazaid, a child psychologist at Aramco Hospital, will give a lecture on the latest developments in treating ADHD.

Bazaid said there is a big difference between active children and hyperactive children. While both groups can exhibit normal IQs, ADHD children have more problems with utilizing the full potential of their intellectual capacities.

Parents often misunderstand ADHD and attribute the problem to typical bad behavior, and they punish rather than treat these children.

Children suffering from ADHD are typically hyperactive and unable to focus in individual tasks for extended periods of time, which adversely affects their educational performance.

Bazaid said that parents who have shown great interest in helping their children are showing up at the group’s KFSHRC center.

“All we ask is that parents and educators be aware of what they are dealing with and get to know and learn about this disorder in order to help these children,” said Bazaid. “There is a big difference between correcting a behavior and punishment.”

Due to the heavy demand from the public, a branch of ADHD Group was inaugurated in Jeddah recently. Amal Al-Yamani, who has specialized in neuro linguistics, heads the Jeddah group.

Source: Arab News


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