AFTA Society signs an agreement with King Faisal schools.

25 September 2012

ATFA society signed a memorandum of understanding with King Faisal schools, where AFTA plans to raise awareness on how to properly treated children with ADHD by offering various programs and projects. These plans aims to improve the provided services to kids with ADHD, refine both medical and educational skills and to find the appropriate communication method for children with ADHD. This agreement was set for 5 years from signing it by both parties.

Dr.Suad Yamani, Chairman of AFTA, mentioned that this memorandum aims to raise awareness on ADHD by giving lectures, workshops and campaigns inside the schools and outside. also encourage the scientific researches and prepare statistics and gather its results also participating in preparing a generations that’s able to give the proper health care for AFTA in addition to a continuous relationship between AFTA society and the schools.

Finally, Dr.Suad expressed her deepest appreciation to Dr.Sulaiman Alfuraih, Principe of King Faisal schools, for their continuous support and their determination to improve the educational process with the kingdom of saudi arabia, which surely will reflect on the growth of this country.Also, Dr.Suad thanked alsubaei charitable foundation for everything they have given to ensure fulfilling AFTA goals and Mr.Nasir Alsudairi for his generous support by providing AFTA new offices at the diplomatic quarter in addition to SACO’s kind gesture by providing supplies to help furnishing the new offices. she also thanked Derma medical center for their exclusive 20% discount for AFTA’s members which ought to encourage people to join AFTA membership and of course raise the awareness on ADHD.


Updated: 25 December 2013 by Jeremy Varnham