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Meeting to Discuss Partnership with KSU

11 February 2016

This morning, Thursday 11 February 2016, a meeting was held between a delegation of board members from the ADHD Society and representatives of King Saud University, including the vice-president of student affairs as well as:

  • Dean of Humanitarian Studies
  • Dean of Science Depts and Medical Studies
  • Vice-President of Humanitarian Studies
  • Vice-President of Science Depts and Medical Studies
  • Assistant Vice-President for Educational and Academic Affairs
  • Vice-President of Applied Medical Sciences
  • Vice-President of Operations and Maintenance
  • Head of Corporate Studies Department
  • Head of Public Relations and Media of University Campus
  • Supervisor of Special Needs Centre
  • Head of Special Needs Centre

in addition to a number of other university leaders.

During the meeting, a number of possibilities were discussed regarding development of methods for supporting students with ADHD to raise their standards and benefit from their abilities and creativity. Ideas were discussed for raising awareness of ADHD among the student body, as well as reviewing existing facilities available for people with special needs. The meeting concluded with a commitment to pursue a multi-faceted partnership with mutual positive benefits. The Board of Directors praised the university for the supportive services already in place for people with ADHD and learning disorders.

The Board of Directors expresses their thanks and appreciation to all those who participated in the meeting for their enthusiastic reception and commitment to doing everything possible to support students with ADHD at KSU.




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