CHADD Educators Manual

Chris Dendy

CHADD Educators Manual

From the back cover: “The CHADD Educator’s Manual provides teachers with much needed up-to-date, science-based information on AD/HD from an educational perspective. CHADD recognizes the critical role that educators play in helping our children succeed in school and life. In recognition of the challenges these children often present in the classroom, we have high hopes that this Manual will give educators the tools they need to teach our children more effectively. Specific topics addressed in the Educator’s Manual include: 1)an overview of current perspectives on AD/HD; 2)diagnosis and evaluation of AD/HD; 3)impact of AD/HD and deficits in executive function on learning; 4)prevalence of coexisting conditions like SLD, anxiety, and depression; 5)effective instructional strategies and accommodations; 6)strategies to address behavioral and social challenges; 7)educational laws impacting AD/HD; and 8)promising educational practices.”

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