The Second Saudi International Conference on ADHD

Under the Patronage of HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawwaf bin Abdulaziz

Date: 25-29 October 2008
Venue: Tuwaiq Palace, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Target Audience: Parents, Caregivers, Educators, Professionals & Individuals with ADHD


Dear Friends,

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”

I invite you to the 2008 2nd International Symposium for ADHD. Since 2004’s 1st international symposium on ADHD, four years have passed very quickly but filled with great growth and success; 2004 was the year the ADHD support group had been founded, since then the group has expanded and has walked among multiple roads to reach its goals in improving the lives of ADHD children in Saudi Arabia. There was many work and lectures, behavior sessions and working groups with our target audience, the children, their families, educators and health care professionals.

The national ADHD project was a seed planted during 2004’s symposium, nourished by the group until it became almost a reality. The journey with our media partners had been instrumental in supporting ADHD group efforts to improve awareness. 2004 Symposium was the 1st of its kind in the whole Arab world opening the path which was closed for ADHD Awareness.

In 2008 symposium, although there is no abstract submitted, but there is a wide variety of activities for parents, educators and media group which are few steps ahead of 2004’s ADHD symposium. The educators awareness, is not just the goal but making trainers what is expected for the cycle of education to continue forever. The kids are in the center of the events with our workshop. The symposium has many exciting and interesting social activities. With many of the national and international groups in the community invited to attend.

The symposium will be held for the 1st time under the patron of His Excellency, Prince Mohammed Bin Nawwaf bin Abdulaziz Saudi Ambassador for UK and Ireland, and also one of the major advocate for ADHD in Saudi Arabia, with his support we are sure to reach our goal of setting their children on a path of success and innovation. Come join us and you will have great education and enjoyment. A warm welcome to our international speakers, who traveled long distance to be with us and will help us to train educators and parents, to establish long and successful journey of collaboration with our colleague in United States and around the globe.

Dr Suad Al Yamani
Organising Committee Chair


An Open Letter to Conference Attendees:

My family and I are honored by your invitation to come to Saudi Arabia and tell you all we have learned about ADHD. Each of us has experienced the challenges of living with ADHD and will share scientific information plus our personal experiences of its day-to day challenges. The four books I have written have been based upon my professional training and experience as a former teacher, school psychologist, mental health counselor, director of a children’s mental health program, and most importantly being the mother of three grown children with ADHD. My son, Alex Zeigler, and I coauthored a book on ADHD for children and young adults plus he is producing our new ADHD video. My sister, Dr. Billie Abney and I provide training on ADHD throughout the country for teachers.

Parent Program: The program for parents will provide basic information that every parent must know in order to cope successfully with this disorder. Specifically, ten key ADHD facts will be discussed including less well-known issues such as common learning problems and the key role of deficits in executive functions. In addition, current research on the brain, the role of neurotransmitters, coexisting conditions, and a medication update will be provided. Time will also be allotted for questions plus short videos of teens and an adult doctor talking about their personal ADHD challenges.

Teacher Program: The teacher training component will provide comprehensive in-depth information about key ADHD issues and how they impact learning: 1) an overview of ADHD and it’s impact on school performance; 2) an update on medication; 3) common learning problems; 4) the profound impact of deficits in executive function on learning and school performance; 5) best practice teaching strategies; 6) specific academic intervention strategies; 7) effective behavioral strategies; 8) best treatment practices; 9) direct communication by Skype webcam between teachers at the conference and teachers in Dalton, Georgia, USA.; and finally 10) an opportunity to prepare for presenting this ADHD information to others.

In closing, I’d like to convey how impressed we are with your leadership in the Middle East in educating others about the significant challenges facing those who live with ADHD. Our children can be successful, productive individuals if we provide the proper treatment and loving support plus provide ADHD education for parents, our children, and teachers. This conference is a significant milestone in that process. Congratulations again for your leadership in this area!


Chris Zeigler Dendy
On behalf of Dr. Billie Abney and Alex Zeigler

Conference Program Chairs

  • Dr Suad Al Yamani
  • Nahed El Shawa
  • Ragdha Rabah
  • Dr Fatima Alkuraiji
  • Khalaf Melfi
  • Abdulaziz Al Mughim
  • Asma Al Dakheil
  • Khaled Al Shalhoub
  • Dr. Haniah Marzan

Conference Workgroup

  • Nadjwa Khalifa
  • Haya Al Grain
  • Anna Liza Casabuena
  • Maha Khalaf
  • Bader Al Otaibi
  • Majed Al Swaileh
  • Saleh Al Qasouri
  • Reem Al Atuel
  • Yasser Al Ghamdi
  • Ahmad Aleid
  • Kholod Al Omani
  • Sarah Al Rasheed
  • Hessah Haj
  • Latifah Al Sanea

Scientific Program

2nd Symposium Program

Download Symposium Program [PDF]

  Train the Trainer Workshop : Day 1  
9:00 10:00 Registration – Teachers
10:00 11:00 Welcome & Introductions Dr. Soad Al Yamani
Parents Workshop Chris Dendy, Dr. Billie Ann, Abney & Alex Zeigler
4:00 5:00 Registration – Parents
5:00 6:00 What every Parent must know about ADHD
6:00 6:30 Prayer & Break
6:30 8:00 Video Sessions
8:00 10:00 Welcome Ceremony under the patronage of HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Nawaf Bin Abdulaziz
Train the Trainer Workshop : Day 2 Chris Dendy, Dr. Billie AnnAbney
10:00 12:00 Welcome & Introductions
12:00 1:00 Prayer & Lunch
1:00 2:30 What Every Teacher must know about ADHD
2:30 3:00 Q&A
3:00 3:30 Coffee Break
3:30 4:30 Understanding the Impact of ADHD & Executive Function & Deficits on Learning & Behavior
4:30 5:00 Q&A audience feedback
Children’s (6-12 Yrs old) Workshop  
5:00 8:00 “The Creative Me” Art Workshop – Children (6-12   Yrs Old) Ayn Ra’at Art Group
Train the Trainer Workshop : Day 3 Chris Dendy, Dr. Billie Ann & Abney
9:00 10:00 Teaching Students with Learning Challenges: One teacher’s experience
10:00 10:30 Coffee break
10:30 11:30 Best Practice Teaching Strategies for Students with ADHD
11:30 12:00 Q&A
12:00 1:00 Prayer & Lunch
1:00 2:30 Eliminating Academic Agony: Improving Memory, Writing and Math Skills
2:30 3:00 Q&A
3:00 3:30 Prayer and break
3:30 4:00 Audience members discussion of classroom challenges
4:00 5:00 Communication via web messaging service (SKYPE) with the teachers in Dalton, Georgia
Media Conference  
5:30 6:00 ADHD Introduction Dr. Soad Al Yamani
6:00 6:30 Media Role in the Arab World Improving ADHD awareness Dr. Bader Krayem
6:30 8:00 Developed Countries’ Media Experiences Improving ADHD Awareness Dr. Najeb Al Zamil
Train the Trainer   Workshop: Day 4 Chris Dendy, Billie Ann & Abney
9:00 10:30 Behavioral Interventions: Strategies that Work for All Students
10:30 11:00 Coffee break
11:00 11:45 Coping with challenging behaviors
11:45 12:00 Q&A
12:00 1:00 Prayer and lunch
1:00 2:30 audience members discussion
2:30 3:00 Q&A
3:00 3:30 Prayer and break
3:30 4:30 Communication via web with the teachers in Dalton Georgia
Children’s (6-12 Yrs old) Workshop
5:00 8:00 “The Creative Me” Art Workshop Ayn Raat Art Group
5:00 8:00 “Dreams Come True” Creative Thinking illustrated workshop Nahed AlShawa & Ayn Raat Art Group
Train the Trainer Workshop: Day 5 Chris Dendy, Billie Ann & Abney
9:00 10:00 Impact of ADHD Medications on Children: An Update on ADHD Medications
10:00 10:30 Coffee break
10:30 12:00 Preparations for teachers becoming ADHD Trainers
12:00 1:00 Prayer and lunch
1:00 3:00 Teachers practice
3:00 3:30 Prayer and break
3:30 4:00 Wrap up
4:00 4:30 Farewell and closing ceremony