Innovative Leadership and College/Graduate Admissions: Path to Success

Thursday, 16 October 2014

at King Faisal School, Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh


This is a free Workshop for Members, Student Advocates, and Volunteers of the Saudi ADHD Society that teaches them how to empower and discover themselves to uplift their potential through innovative leadership and disruptive transformation.

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With increasingly competitive college admissions, creating a healthy and well-balanced environment for students to prosper in at school is critical and a major struggle for many students, teachers and parents alike. Increasingly, colleges are looking for applicants that have a demonstrated evidentiary track record of leadership and who can contribute to their student body in a constructive way. In this presentation, we will answer questions such as:

  • What is innovative leadership?
  • What is strategic leadership?
  • What does it really mean to have social impact?
  • How can students become innovative leaders to develop their self-confidence and have social impact?
  • How can students traverse a path to self-discovery?
  • How can parents strategically contribute to the self-development of students and be engaging in that discourse?
  • Taking best practices from the corporate world, why is mentorship important for students?
  • How can students develop an optimal portfolio strategically while maintaining a healthy and constructive environment?
  • What strategies can students employ to set themselves apart for top colleges?


Through our proprietary Innovative Leadership Program, we highlight a unique and innovative approach for students to empower themselves through innovation. By undertaking this novel approach, students can leverage their environment and resources in their social microcosm in a strategic way and transform themselves into the next generation of leaders having social impact. We discuss how students can develop their portfolio to demonstrate their leadership during high school to optimally position themselves for top colleges. We will discuss the fundamental building blocks of leadership such as value proposition and brand equity. We will also explain how students can become more innovative, demonstrate leadership in key areas, uplift their potential and positively impact their community.

We highlight strategies for students to empower themselves and unlock their potential through innovative platforms to achieve their goals. We also present a novel view of college admissions through portfolio optimization. Examples of students who personify innovative leadership and successfully navigated a path to success are given. 

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