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Saudi ADHD Society:

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of people with ADHD

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RIP King Abdullah

King Abdullah: In Memorandum

Today we bid farewell to our King, our father, our benefactor, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin AbdulAziz. We will mourn the loss of our beloved King Abdullah, whose forward-thinking policies and love for his people led to the royal decree for the national ADHD initiative in 2008.  He called for […]


Why Does My Child Talk Nonstop and Not Realize It’s Annoying?

By Kristy Baxter, There are many possible reasons why kids with learning and attention issues might talk too much or say things at the wrong time. For example, your child might have  ADHD. If so, he may be worried that if he doesn’t say what is on his mind right away, he’ll forget what he […]